Variable Refrigerant Flow and Ductless Systems - Design and Application

Feel the Difference, See the Savings…

This course will cover the fundamentals of how Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems operate, what benefits can be realized, including potential LEED points, proper system design, multiple zone integration in building management, and system maintenance. Attendees will learn how VRF heating and cooling with precise temperature control can also provide energy savings.

Attend this free HVAC seminar and learn:
• Attendees will learn the fundamentals of how VRF systems operate
• This class will cover the benefits that can be realized with VRF system
• How to reduce the operating costs without sacrificing comfort

Date: Friday, Jan. 19, 2018
Registration: 8 a.m.
Workshop: 8:30 a.m.-noon
Cost: Free

Location: Irvine Civic Center
1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92606

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