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Possible Mountain Lion Sighting
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Possible Mountain Lion Sighting
Date:May 25, 2004
Contact:Concordia Safety and Security Director Sam Allevato (949) 854-8002 ext. 1123
Animal Services Supervisor Debi Geary
(949) 724-7091
Lt. Jeff Love
(949) 724-7112

IRVINE, CA – On Monday, May 24, 2004, at approx. 5:00 am, a mountain lion was observed by an employee of the Concordia University in the area of the maintenance yard off of Dorm Road adjacent to the Concordia East Homes. The cat was standing next to the roadway as the employee was arriving in his car and was illuminated by the headlights of the vehicle. It was acting neither unusual nor aggressive and it eventually made its way up into the French Hill area.

Officers of the Irvine Police Department Animal Control were advised of the sighting today and examined the general vicinity where the cat was observed. The employee that observed the cat was interviewed and a paw print was located along the slope area adjacent to Dorm Road. The paw print appeared to be that of an approximately 60 lb. mountain lion. A Game Warden of the California Department of Fish & Game was notified of the sighting and will begin the normal process of recording this incident.

It should be stressed that this mountain lion was not acting strangely or aggressively and is not considered an immediate public safety threat. Residents and pedestrians are advised that any mountain lion is a wild animal and should not be confronted or challenged. There have been many routine sightings of mountain lions in Orange County recently and it is best to stay aware of your surroundings. The best course of action if a mountain lion is sighted is to remain calm, do not run, and slowly back out of the area. Notify the police department or dial 9-1-1 and alert them to the sighting. An officer or Animal Services personnel will be dispatched to the area in order to assess the best course of action to be taken.

Residents requesting any further information regarding this incident can call Sam Allevato, Director of Safety and Security, at (949) 854-8002 ext -1123 or Irvine Police Animal Services at (949) 724-7000.