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Laptop Theft
   The Problem

Orange County has experienced an increase of laptop thefts. Criminals have entered office buildings and stolen multiple laptops during business hours. Laptops left in cars are also targets.

Reasons To Protect Yourself

  1. Your company will have to replace an expensive piece of equipment.

  2. You may lose valuable data that was stored on your laptop and it could take months to recreate the data, your time will be wasted.

  3. If you have personal and financial data on your laptop, you may become a victim of Identity Theft if it is stolen.

  4. Your entire company may be exposed to risk if your laptop contains proprietary information.

What You Can Do

Lock up your laptop. Buy a laptop security cable, and use it whether you are at your desk or on a business trip. Attach the cable to a heavy chair, table, or desk. The cable makes it more difficult for someone to take your laptop. Additionally, don’t leave your laptop in your car. It only takes a few minutes to secure your laptop, harden the target so that you are not a victim.