Park Planning

The City of Irvine Community Development Department is undertaking development of a Parks Master Plan, essentially a comprehensive update to Irvine’s Community Parks Master Plan. The Parks Master Plan will help guide the future maintenance, development and operation of the City’s parks and recreation system.

Following an extensive community engagement process, a draft Parks Master Plan has been completed. Please click on Parks Master Plan to access the draft and to learn more about upcoming public meetings.

Park Standards

Parks and Park Facilities Standards (PDF 261 Pages 17.1 MB) includes the current standards and guidelines for the development of public and private parks and is currently in the process of being updated.

For more information, please email Darlene Nicandro.

Public Park Inventory
The Public Park Inventory (PDF) is the City of Irvine's two-page listing of community, neighborhood parks and special facilities and their amenities.

To find a park on the interactive map, click here.