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Irvine Police Animal Services – Coyote Information
Contact :Julia Engen, Lieutenant    949-724-7112

IRVINE, CA (May 9, 2013):  The Irvine Police Department would like to remind the public that increased coyote activity is typically seen this time of year.   The following information may be helpful to community members should they encounter a coyote.

Coyotes are native to several western states, including California, and have adapted successfully to survival in urban settings.  Irvine has open space, wildlife corridors, parks, greenbelts and other habitat features throughout the city that attract and support wildlife.  As a result, regular sightings of coyote in Irvine are common. Community members, especially those living near open space, should benefit from the following tips to discourage coyotes from approaching residences and to protect their pets:


  • Consider making your dog or cat an indoor pet when living in an area that is known to be occupied by coyotes.
  • Accompany your dog in well lighted areas at night for comfort walks and keep it on a maximum 6-foot leash.
  • Securely fasten the lids on trash cans kept outdoors.
  • Pick fruit when it ripens and immediately remove fruit that falls to the ground.
  • Eliminate plants that may attract rats; rats can attract coyotes.
  • Keep house cats in a substantial cat run when left unattended outdoors.
  • Teach children not to approach stray animals.
  • Don’t feed wild animals.
  • Don’t leave pet food outdoors, especially at night.
  • Don’t allow pets to roam from home unaccompanied.
  • Don’t leave water bowls or other standing water outdoors.
  • Never attempt to contact or “tame” coyotes.

Irvine Police Animal Services tracks coyote activity.  To report sightings, please call 949-724-7092.


Got a Minute?  - Click here for a quick video about living near coyotes or view it on our Facebook page at:


Additional wildlife information brochures are available at on the Animal Services page.

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