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Irvine riders can utilize this feature and the bus stop signs have the instructions.  Text the bus stop number to 949-981-0833 and the system will respond with a list of the buses and arrival times to that bus stop. Even if the route is running late, that information is given, direct and live, to the passenger. This feature allows riders to know when the next bus will arrive.

The iShuttle has an excellent “on time performance” (95%).  However, sometimes riders need either the bus schedule time or assurance their bus will arrive timely.  This new feature allows riders to get the information any time they desire to fulfill their needs.

Step 1: Find Your Bus Stop Number

Step 2: Send a Text Message with the Stop Number to 949.981.0833

Step 3: Receive Text with Real-Time Arrival Information


  • If you do not receive a returned, message in 2 minutes or receive an error message, double check your input data.
  • The iShuttle does not charge for the text message service.  Your wireless carrier may charge for incoming or outgoing text messages.