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Super Saturday 2015 Training Materials

Click on each title to download the training materials/handouts for each session. 

If you are having difficulty opening/dowloading the documents, click here to send an email with your workshop request.

Session 1:

Leadership, Education and Development Part 1, Deborah Fleshman

Understanding Challenging Behavior in Children, Hayley Goldberg

Caregiving with the Brain in Mind Handout 1, Regina Rei Lamourelle
Caregiving with the Brain in Mind Handout 2, Regina Rei Lamourelle

"What if..?" "I Wonder…?" Extend your Read Alouds through STEM and STEAM Explorations!, Judith L. Ross

Pro-Actively Addressing Challenging Behaviors, Kari Ann Garron

Woodworking with Preschoolers, Kunaal Kumar

The Amazing Race, Jeanne M. Stone

Think and Play! Helping Children to Really Understand Math, Karen A. McDonough

 Session 2:

Leadership, Education and Development Part 2, Deborah Fleshman

Shared Stories Handout 1, Carol N. Hines
Shared Stories Handout 2, Carol N. Hines

Planting the Seeds of Success: Making Grateful Students, Giacomo Bono

Understanding Second Language Acquisition in Early Childhood, Faith Polk

Eat, Play, Breathe to Manage Stress, Dareen Abdrabou

Cooking with Children, Kunaal Kumar

Meet the Next Van Gogh, Jeanne M. Stone

DOWNLOAD: Learning and Loving the 21st Century, Jorrel D. Batac

 Session 3:        

Inspiring Change Through a Shared Vision, Jennifer M. Kinkel

How to Deal with Difficult People Strategies for Working with People, Carolyn D. Inmon

How Children's Skills are Developed from Behavior Reflections, Donna R. Schwartze

"Rigor, Common Core, and More- Oh My!" How to Prepare Preschoolers for Today's Kindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten, Judith L. Ross

Inclusion: Are You Headed Down the Right Path?, Kathleen McFarlin

Multicultural Diversity Through Music/Movement Activities, Joshua David Alvarez

Music for "Non-Musician," Patrick Butler

How Creativity Powers Science, Marcy Backhus

Session 4:

How to Control the "Out of Control," Darcie M. Kass

The Upset Parent, Meike H. Lemmens

Success! Working with Special Needs Children in Your Programs, Karlsten P. Yago

Teach Foundational Reading Skills and Meet Common Core Standards Through Purposeful Play!, Judith L. Ross

The Importance of Value-Based Education For Children and Society, Mark J. Howerton

From Literature to Performance- Building Creativity and Confidence, Donna R. Schwartze

Engineering Design Challenge Handout 1, Traci Stubbler
Engineering Design Challenge Handout 2, Traci Stubbler

Move and Learn, Mary Stephens