Councilmember Lynn Schott

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Councilmember Schott was elected to the City Council in 2014 with a tremendous win that was marked with the most votes. Lynn fundamentally understands the direct impact of local policy to residents and is committed to serving honorably with uncommon transparency and integrity.

The Councilmember works tirelessly, strategically, and diligently to find creative solutions to complex challenges for a growing, diverse, and robust community. Her compassionate and common sense leadership that transcends political affiliation is the hallmark of her service.  She is a prolific and effective bridge builder that is highly skilled in identifying and matching organizations or individuals that can make a bigger and more positive impact together than they could ever do apart.

Lynn enjoys cultivating relationships and working closely with advisory boards in developing meaningful policies that benefit the community and has collaborated with committees such as the Irvine Residents with Disabilities Advisory Board as well as the Animal Care Subcommittee and the Barclay Theatre to name a few.  In addition, she is committed to the rehabilitation of the City’s aging buildings as well as the construction of new communities and the Great Park.

Prior to being elected, Lynn served as a Commissioner to both the Planning Commission and the Community Services Commission. In those respective capacities, she has been proud to vote in favor of proposals to finally build the Great Park, open more childcare businesses, expand housing options for seniors, veterans and the local workforce, and help retain potentially 8,000 high-paying professional jobs in Irvine by approving a new R&D campus for one of the City’s largest employers. 


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