Summer Camps

Week 3: June 26-30

Mini Camps

Course Age Location  
Arts Camp Junior 3-5 yrs QHCP Register
iCamp Junior at HPCC 4.5-6 yrs HPCC Register
iCamp Junior at TRNC 4.5-6 yrs TRNC Register
Skyhawks: Mini-Hawk Multi-Sport 4-7 yrs TSP Register


Recreation Camps

Course Age Location  
iCamp Craft (morning) at HPCC 6-10 yrs HPCC Register
iCamp Adventure (afternoon) at HPCC 6-10 yrs HPCC Register
iCamp Science (morning) at TRCP 6-10 yrs TRCP Register
iCamp Sports & Games (morning) at TRCP 6-10 yrs TRCP Register
iCamps (afternoon) at TRCP 6-10 yrs TRCP Register
iCamp Junior Plus 5-8 yrs SSNP Register
Summer Experience-Northwood 6-12 yrs NCP Register
Summer Experience-University 6-12 yrs UCP Register
Summer Experience-Woodbury 6-12 yrs WBCP Register

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Course Age Location  
Bricks 4 Kidz: Brick City Engineers 5-12 yrs CCP Register
Eco-Explorers: Journey Though Time 5-8 yrs BCCP Register
Eco-Explorers: Where the Wild Things Were 9-12 yrs BCCP Register
Destination Science: Crazy Contraptions & Demolition Lab 5-11 yrs THP Register
Destination Science: Robotics Mystery Camp 5-11 yrs CCP Register
Engineering for Kids: Wing Wheels & Sails 6-12 yrs LLCP Register
Mad Science: Physics Lab 7-12 yrs LLCP Register
PlayWell Tek: Jedi Engineering 5-7 yrs LLCP Register
PlayWell-Tek: Jedi Master Engineering 7-12 yrs LLCP Register


Sports Camps

Course Age Location  
Fit Factory Camp 7-12 yrs HPCC Register
Smash & Splash 7-11 yrs HPCC/WWJAC Register
Squids Day Camp 6-7 yrs NSB Register
Junior Aquatics 8-10 yrs NSB Register
Newport Sea Base Sailing Camps-Beginners 7-17 yrs NSB Register
Newport Sea Base Sailing Camps-Intermediate 7-17 yrs NSB Register
Skyhawks: Beginning Golf 5-8 yrs THP Register
Super Soccer Stars 5-12 yrs OCGP Register
Tennis with Alex 5-14 yrs CCP Register
Tennis with Chris 7-16 yrs HPCC Register
Tennis with Jimmy 8-16 yrs DCP Register
Tennis with Juan 5-14 yrs UCP Register
Tennis with Minako 5-16 yrs LLCP Register
Tennis with Ross 5-14 yrs TRCP Register
Tennis with Ruben 5-14 yrs CBBCP Register
Tennis with Tae 5-14 yrs HOMENP Register
Tennis with Tin 5-16 yrs SGTNP Register
TriFytt: Basketball 7-12 yrs MWCP Register
TriFytt: Camp of Fun 4-7 yrs DCP Register


Art, Dance, Music & Drama

Course Age Location  
All-Star Tiny Cheer & Technique 6-10 yrs NCP Register
All-star Tiny Cheer & Tumble 4-7 yrs NCP Register
Tennis & Guitar 7-14 yrs UCP Register
Arts Camp Summer: Sense-sational 6-12 yrs IFAC Register
Dance Workshop at Pacific Dance 7-12 yrs PDS Register
Grease Performing Arts 5-12 yrs CCP Register
Guitar 7-14 yrs UCP Register


More Choices

Course Age Location  
Culinary Camp 9-11 yrs IFAC Register
Chess Camp: Beginning & Advanced Beginning 6-14 yrs UCP Register
Smash & Checkmate: Beginner/Advanced Beginner Camp 6-14 yrs UCP Register
Public Speaking 7-14 yrs NCP Register


Tweens & Teens Camps

Course Age Location  
Summer X-Cursion Camp 10-12 yrs HPCC Register
Summer Teen Camp - Heritage 11-15 yrs HPCC Register
Summer Teen Camp - University 11-15 yrs UCP Register