Learn to Swim Class Descriptions

Infant and Toddler Swimming Program: Ages 6-36 months

A child-and-parent class for infants and toddlers designed to achieve a high level of comfort in and around water. Parents will be instructed in basic skills that will aid the child in learning elementary swimming skills. Adult required in water with child. 

Little Fish & Parent: Ages 2.5-5.5

Is your little one not ready to take a class without you? This class allows the parent/adult to get in the water for the first day of class with their child, as well as up to the next three classes. No parents in the water for the last four classes. Class content follows Little Fish: Starfish and Sea Dragons.

Little Fish & Parent- 25 Minute Classes

Little Fish Swimming Program: Ages 3-6

Starfish, Sea Dragon, Seahorse, Sea Lions & Sharks
Skills vary by level and may include: water entry, floating, kicking, freestyle (with side breathing), elementary backstroke, breaststroke, wall turns and water safety. Based on their skill level, children are grouped into Starfish, Sea Dragon, Seahorse, Sea Lions and Sharks, but may be moved according to their abilities. Your child has the option of moving into the Big Fish Program (Turtles or Eels) when turning 6. Little Eels (ages 5 & 6 only). Children must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and elementary backstroke, as well as, 15 yards of butterfly kick and breaststroke. Child must have completed one session of Little Fish: Sharks to enroll in this level.

Little Fish: 25 Minute Classes

Little Fish: 40 Minute Classes

Big Fish Swimming Program - Ages 6 – 13

For children with little or no swimming experience. Skills include: water entry, floating, flutter kicking, arm action and basic pool safety.

Hippos: 25 Minute Classes

Hippos: 40 Minute Classes

Children must possess skills from Hippos and swim 15 yards unassisted. Skills include: freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, butterfly kick, breaststroke kick and elementary backstroke plus water safety skills.

Turtles: 25 Minute Classes

Turtles: 40 Minute Classes

Children must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and elementary backstroke. Instruction focuses on endurance with backstroke and freestyle, while building on butterfly and breaststroke. Sidestroke and wall turns will be introduced.

Eels: 25 Minute Classes

Eels: 40 Minute Classes

Instructor is no longer required in the water. Child needs to be comfortable in deep water and must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke, as well as 25 yards of breaststroke, butterfly and sidestroke. Instruction focuses on the refinement of all the strokes while increasing distance.

Dolphins: 25 Minute Classes

Dolphins: 40 Minute Classes

Instructor is no longer required in the water. Child needs to be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim 100 yards of freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke; 50 yards of breaststroke and butterfly; and swim 200 yards continuously. Instruction focuses on building endurance and proper stroke technique to complete a 100 yard individual medley.

Marlins: 25 Minute Classes

Marlins: 40 Minute Classes

We reserve the right to move your child from the class you signed up for to one that is more developmentally appropriate.

Super Shrimp Squad:Ages 7-13

Instructor is no longer required in the water. Must be able to swim 150 yards of freestyle and backstroke, 100 yards of breaststroke and butterfly, as well as swim 500 yards continuously. Instruction includes swim workouts to improve conditioning.

Teen Swimming Program: Ages 13-17

This class is appropriate for students ranging from no swimming experience to a limited swimming background.  Class content mirrors Big Fish: Hippos and Turtles skills.

Adult Swimming Program: Ages 18+

Appropriate for ages 18 and older ranging from no swimming experience to limited swimming background. Instruction will focus on individual water instruction in a group setting based on learning interests.

Angel Fish: Ages 3+

The City of Irvine Disability Services provides support services to persons with disabilities who live in Irvine. Accommodation Request Application and signed Release of Information Sheet must be submitted two weeks prior to registration. For more information and registration, click here or contact (949) 724-6637.

Private Lesson Program: Ages 6 months+

Private/Semi-Private Lessons
A limited amount of private lessons will be offered for one (private) to two participants (semi-private) per instructor. The person requesting the semi-private class is responsible for finding the additional participant. Classes are scaled to the participant’s skill level.

1-on-1 Stroke Technique Lessons: Ages 5+

Geared toward Swim Team participants, Triathletes, Lap Swimmers or anyone looking to gain a competitive edge. Emphasizing swimmers’ skill development and fine tuning strokes. In addition, this class focuses on proper technique and mechanics of all four strokes.

H2o Dive Program: Ages 7-13

Learn proper diving techniques from our one and three meter springboards. Classes run March through October.

H2o Polo: Ages 9-14

Learn or improve on basic water polo skills including: head-up swimming, dribbling, passing and shooting, including rules and strategies of the game.

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